Why We Do…What We Do

3:00 AM came early this morning. I needed to catch an early flight and even though viewed through my current mental fog, I am fully aware of how long this day will be.
I tried sneaking out of the house, but stealth may not be my strong suit. Just ask the amazing woman that’s been experiencing what it’s like to be married to me the past month. Sorry sweetheart! (I said you’re amazing right?)

I tell myself that her sigh I heard, as I started my day, was temporary and quickly overwhelmed by her appreciation for a man that provides for our family. Then again I tell myself every day that I’m dynamic, good looking and going to regrow my hair at 40 yrs old. I may be overly optimistic, so I guess I’ll buy her more flowers this week!

One thing for sure though is, no matter how tired I am, I don’t dread work. I don’t drag myself out of the house and walk through the office with slumped shoulders. Work is a blessing and one that I hope I can teach my children to appreciate. A man should treat his task as an honor bestowed upon him by God. A God that perfectly designed us to be able to make a living with our mind, our hands and sometimes our strong will.
As fathers, we need to pass this on to our children. Let them grow up seeing us with sweat on our brow and a grin on our face at the same time.

I might not regrow my hair anytime soon but my daily declaration of how blessed I am to get to work for my wife, and now 4 little ones, sure seems to do wonders for my smile!

“A sluggard’s appetite is never filled, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭13:4‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Habit #3 – Fill Your Well

Once again I’m staring into the distance as if nothing could be important enough to catch my attention. Another business trip and another morning of viewing the world through the looking glass of a window seat. Reflective vests and blinking lights will soon be overpowered by the breaking of the dawn. If you fly regularly at all, this is a common experience, and more than likely you zone out like I do during preflight check and the safety announcements they give at the beginning of the flight.  Normally I would have my earphones in and a book open.  For some reason this morning was different.  I was actually paying attention and as they started directing us on how to use our oxygen masks if they are needed.  Like always the steward stated that if you are traveling with someone that needs assistance make sure to put your mask on first before you assist those around you.  What a real world example of Habit #3 on the list.  It is impossible to help those around you if you are not taking care of yourself, or for the sake of our lesson, Filling Your Well.  We are called upon daily by our friends, family and employees to fill a need. Heck, even random face to face meetings throughout the day deplete you of resources. In order to fulfill these responsibilities placed upon us, we must replenish our resources by means of routine maintenance.

Below you will find 3 “R”s that if practiced daily can ensure you are equipped with the tools needed when life calls on you.


It’s so simple yet so ignored. Reading is a must for any leader.  We must feed ourselves with the experiences and knowledge of those that have gone before us is we want to reach our personal best and help those around us fulfill their potential.

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.  We must not allow anything to stand between us and the book that could change our lives.” – Jim Rohn

      Benefits of Daily reading

  • Starts a process of achieving self-mastery:  We may not retain 100% of the knowledge that we take in through reading but through the repeated process of digesting data we both expand and sharpen our skill set. It’s a means of equipping and developing.
  • It’s the quickest method of gathering valuable information:  Through reading we are awarded the opportunity to live multiple lifetimes in the pages of one simple book.  Reading does not replace the knowledge we gain through experience but instead ,if applied properly, it multiplies our life knowledge exponentially.


This word means different things to different people.   It may mean nightly sleep, vacation, golf with the boys, or all of the above. Regardless of your definitions, you need to find the time to take a break. Some time to just take a deep breath and relax. You can not stay in production mode all the time. It is a mandatory practice amongst successful people to take a moment to heal form the stress of life.

      Benefits of taking a break.

  • Improved brain function – Fatigue or stress can make it difficult for you to concentrate and retain information. How many times have you said “I don’t know where my head is?” when you’re stressed or tired?  When you relax, your brain gets a chance to process the activities and impressions of the day which is important for memory formation and problem solving.
  • Overall health – The human body needs adequate rest to heal and rejuvenate itself. Even the most fit of individuals can benefit from a day of leisure.
  • Reduces stress – Rest has beneficial effects on your emotional health as well. Starting off the day well-rested makes you feel more capable of handling what life has to offer.  If you’re exhausted before you get started, you will never catch up.


At some point during the day you had to handle something that disrupted your schedule or priorities for the day.  Take a few minutes to place your priorities back in order and plan the following day.

      Benefits of Reorganizing

  • It stops the snow ball effectTaking just a few minutes to put the pieces back in place can keep any chaos that happened during the day from continuing or at least not pick up momentum going into the next day.  Don’t fall into the habit of ignoring issues and hoping they’re better tomorrow.
  • It keeps your priorities in order:
  • It makes us more capable:  If we have pre-prepared plan for each day, we feel confident that we are back in control.  By knowing the next step you’re taking you are much more likely to be successful at it.  We owe it to ourselves and those under our watchful eye to put forth the effort to always look ahead.

Learning to give to others is a building block to becoming a better leader, but creating the habits necessary to make sure there is always something to give is what sets you up for success.  Make sure you are taking care of yourselves so that you can take care of the ones you care about.

Thanksgiving Joe

I woke up again with roof over head

He sleeps on a bench, newspapers for bed.

I dress in my best, ironed, polished and clean

His rags are so tattered just standard issue greens

Only once have I seen him, his name I don’t know

For the sake of this story we’ll just call him Joe

Thanksgiving’s now calling as it sits in the fridge

Traditions kept sacred because he fought on a ridge

So I’ll dine with my loved ones as he’ll stand in a line

I’ll cherish each moment, but Joe’s just biding time

I’ll pray to my father to spread blessing and cheer

He’ll pray for just one night without hunger or fear

I think of him often and what’s become of him now

And how could this man make a difference somehow

Maybe a meal to a shelter or some change when I can

For that guy on the corner, cardboard sign in his hand

Maybe clothes for their back or shoes for their feet

Or to simply not look off when by chance our eyes meet

Could I have changed his Thanksgiving? I may never know

But it’s never too late to help the others like Joe

Greg Bauer