Habit #4 – Reflection

Take Time to Reflect

We have all made mistakes in our pasts, and if you’re like me, it was recent enough to remember the taste.  We can make mistakes out of pure ignorance or by attempting to conquer new challenges. There are time when screwing up is just a risk we have to accept if we want to succeed.  But, if you’ve tried enough times, you’ve likely enjoyed a few successes along the way as well. Each one of these moments, the ones of regret and the ones of rejoicing, are necessary in our quest of continual growth. They each can offer us nuggets of wisdom. But, what they have to offer can only be of benefit if we take the time to reflect upon the experience, soak it in and learn from it.

Below are 5 benefits of taking the time to reflect on your experiences.

  • It allows us a chance to evaluate where we are against where we want to be: Giving ourselves an honest evaluation of our own progress is one of the most efficient ways to make the changes necessary to continue growing as leaders.
  • It provides a moment to hit “pause” and make sure that where we think we want to go is where we need to go: Sometimes during the rush of everyday life and chasing success we don’t stop to make sure that the prize we’re chasing is truly one that we should win.
  • It allows us to make sure we have our priorities in order: By reflecting on what has happened in our past and how it has affected those around us we can evaluate if we are holding true to our priorities, and if not, it gives us a chance to reorganize.  This holds true for our daily tasks at work as well as our personal lives
  • Replaying our yesterdays better equips us for our tomorrows: As we successfully navigate different scenarios in life we should mentally and manually record those choices that proved successful and have them at our disposal to better take advantage of the opportunities of tomorrow.
  • It gives us the courage to be better: By not sticking our heads in the sand and pretending that nothing happened, we become stronger people.  We learn to face our fears and become proactive in planning our own future.

If we all start the habit of reflecting on our daily decisions it can prove to make us more effective leaders and simply more effective people.  As you review your daily decisions you will surely find certain mistakes rearing their ugly head on a regular basis.  All of us need help with certain things in our careers.  Reach out to someone you trust and respect to ask for help.

“What was good enough to get you here, may not be good enough to get you where you’re going!”

Let’s learn something new each and every day.

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