Dysfunctional But Thankful

Tomorrow is the day when we remind ourselves that we are a blessed people.  Facebook will be abuzz as we chat about all sorts of honorable things for which we’re grateful, both large and small.  However, if most of us are honest, we’d admit that we’re mostly looking forward to gaining a couple pounds and having a few days off!  Sure that may seem simple and shallow but for this one day, even that reasoning can be appreciated.  We’ve commercialized so many holidays but for some reason the principle behind Turkey Day can’t seem to be spoiled.  Whether you’re thankful for your friends, your family, a paid day off or a paid day working, you can’t get away from the fact that the day is about being grateful.  In fact the day itself is named after this wonderful character trait.

In the wonderland that is social media, there will be themes and memes and Facebook posts.  All of them trying their best to show the  “TOP 10 Reasons” to be thankful or  declare themselves winner of the “who is blessed the most” competition.  Amidst the chaos of dysfunctional family pictures and photo shopped turkeys it’s hard to tell sometimes if it’s boastful, superficial, or simply fantastic.  (I’m hoping for fantastic)

I’ll admit that I fall into the group that is too quick to judge, and for sure to get fed up with, social media and it’s way of using the virtual to remove the virtue from most every situation.   But good can be found in our shameless self promotion .  What would’ve happened after Jesus fed the multitudes if everyone would’ve grabbed a fish, a breadstick, and a smart phone and tried to show the world how they could outdo the Big Man Himself?  That could’ve turned out pretty cool, maybe even better than our secret cranberry sauce recipes or Brown-N-Serve rolls.  (I apologize, that was disrespectful.  I think we all can agree that Jesus Himself created Brown-N-Serve rolls)

So why don’t we embrace one of the few remaining Holidays that has remained impervious to our human intentions?  If we bake the biggest spread with a turkey that is only surpassed by our ego, there is still someone in the room that was blessed by it, because it reminded them of how their Mother used to bake it.  If we throw the most lavish dinner to show off our expensive home, we can’t take away the few hours of comfort our flooded neighbor so desperately needed.  No matter what our reason is for showing off on this holiday, we simply cannot ruin the good that comes from Thanksgiving Day.

So with that I challenge you.  Arrogantly post how you’re blessed more than me, I’ll read it and even give you the big Facebook “Thumbs Up” if I’m in a good mood.  Brag on your children, and I’ll brag on mine because I blindly believe that mine are better.  Tell the world how you’re thankful for your parents or grandparents and I’ll tell you stories about the ones that raised me.  Post a picture of a folded flag letting us know we’re not American unless we thank a soldier this week, and I’ll agree with you and go shake one’s hand.  Display images of the Cross and tell me I’m not truly thankful unless I think of Jesus first and honestly it won’t bother me because I probably have already told Him so this morning.  Be comical, be serious, or be down right annoying with your Thanksgiving posts, and I promise it WILL NOT OFFEND ME!

Because if there’s one thing this country could use a lot more of right now, it is people putting aside their bickering and complaining,  and choosing to instead remind each other that we have so much to be thankful for!

“We would worry less if we praised more. Thanksgiving is the enemy of discontent and dissatisfaction.”
H.A. Ironside

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